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The Another World Another I's wireless shutterglasses system features a line-blanker device with manual control. It supports any applications, games or images in the popular alternate-line (interlace) stereo-format. Due to the line-blanker the glasses will work on any graphics board under any operating system. No additional flipping-driver-software required.
Another I's don't support the common above-below split-screen format due to the lack of sync-doubler circuitry.
The early sample I received had no passive autosync mode for standard interlace or page-flipping drivers, like those of ELSA and ASUS. According to manufacturer Another World Inc. this function will be present in the final retail version.
If this is the case the Another I's will be similar in functionality to VR-Joy and EyeFX, some of my favorites.

The worst thing about the glasses is the plastic visor in front of the LCD-panels which distorts the vision. Another World promised to change this in the final retail version.

The Another I's come with a software bundle consisting of image-viewer, image-creator, video-player, demo-images, -animations, -videos and a Stereo-VRML97 browser plug-in with OpenGL support. The software is in it's early stages and showed some bugs. The VRML-viewer looks promising though.

Another I's don't come with a universal Direct3D, Glide or OpenGL stereo driver, such as the ELSA, Wicked3D or ASUS-drivers!

The final retail version is expected in early September 99. There will be a TV/Video version as well.

This review isn't intended for beginners.  Please consult the Basics and FAQ pages if questions arise.


Sept. 24, 1999: Another I's Final Retail Version

    Another World provided me with a sample of the final retail version.

    Some problems of the pre-release version are solved in the final version:


    - the LCD-panels are much brighter and therefore better now
    - the clear plastic-visor in front of the LCD-panels still distorts the vision due to poor optical quality - this piece
    of plastic is just a design gimmick and in my opinion it should be removed by the user  - I did - just be careful
    when doing this!
    - the buttons on the emitter work much better now, although there's room for improvement
    - the emitter now comes with adhesive band to fix it on the top of the monitor
    - the passive VGA-pass-through autosync function now works
    - all 3rd party interlace and page-flipping drivers, like ELSA Revelator and ASUS now work
    - eyeSCREAM driver doesn't since it would require a sync-doubler
    - the removable nose piece is now made of softer material and even more comfortable
    - my specimen of the new pair of glasses seems to have a defect, it has some problems with the shutters,
    there are irregularities in the shutter-frequency producing additional flicker; feels like a loose contact or
    something; I assume this is just coincidence, the first pair of glasses works correct


    - the VRML viewer VRScape now works better (maybe the new graphics drivers I installed play a role here
    - VRScape slows down considerably in stereo mode
    - Stereoshop still crashes on my system - maybe due to my german version of the OS
    - there should be a single setup.exe for all 4 programs, it's uncomfortable to install them seperately and to type
    in the serial number 4 times


This page was innitially released on August 22, 1999
last update: October 18, 1999

Pro & Con
The Controller
The Glasses
Software Bundle
Hardware compatibility
Software compatibility

Pro & Con

+ wireless
+ large LCD-panels (compared to eyeSCREAM)
+ large frame
+ fit over any prescribed glasses
+ removable nose-piece 
+ fair comfort when used without prescribed glasses
+ sturdy with foam in the bows 
- rather heavy (90 g)
- nose-piece for use with prescribed glasses may hurt after prolonged use
- glasses may have always contact with the front of the nose which becomes uncomfortabl in time
- plastic visor in front of LCD's distorts vision badly  (should be changed in the final retail version !!!)
- panel cover openings 2 mm smaller than actual LCD-panels (they give 2 mm away in the height)
+ line-blanking device, works without drivers on any gfx-board
+ supports any alternate-line (interlace) software and images
+ manual control
+ reverse button
+ VGA-pass-through dongle smaller than H3D/eyeSCREAM
+ power supply over keyboard connector
+ glasses triggered by VSync
+ compatible with 3rd party software and drivers
+ According to Another World there will be autosync functionality for interlace and page-flipping in the final retail version, therefore the system should be compatible to ELSA and ASUS boards and drivers
- VGA-pass-through may hurt VGA signal in higher frequencies
- no sync-doubler
- no DIN-3 connector 
- slight synchronization problems: dark stripe may appear on bottom of screen in some modes (like most consumer controllers)
- no above-below-splitscreen support
- no H3D/eyeSCREAM drivers support
- mechanical problems with the buttons  (should be fixed in the final retail version) 
Software Bundle
Software Bundle
+ VRML 97-viewer looks promising
- software in beta-status, still buggy 
Like all shutterglasses the ASUS suffers from ghosting and doesn't work with LCD-monitors and -projectors.
The Controller

From left to right:

Another I's infrared emitter and control unit with buttons for on/off and stereo-reverse
PS/2 keyboard pass-through for power supply (AT-version available)
Another I's VGA-pass-through line-blanker dongle (white)
For size comparison: H3D/eyeSCREAM VGA-pass-through dongle (black)

Flicker is a problem in line-blanker mode, since the refresh rate doesn't change when the glasses are activated. Use your windows-display-properties or a tool like Scitech Display Doctor to raise the refresh rate to 100 Hz or higher.

A monitor with 80+ kHz horizontal and 120+ Hz vertical range is recommended.

The Glasses

A UFO? A SciFi prob? Well, no, 'just' shutterglasses, but at least they're from 'AnotherWorld'.


Dimension check:

Glasses LCD-size Weight
eyeSCREAM/H3D IR 2 x 2.5 cm 45 g
ELSA IR 3 x 2.5 cm 45 g
ASUS wired 4.3 x 2.5 cm 70 g
Another I's  3.7 x 2.5 cm 90 g

Please check the X-RAY Lab for a weight&size comparison of various shutterglasses.

Software  bundle
The software is in beta and will change over time

    Included in the package are:

    VRScape: let's start with the cream topping - a stereo VRML97 plugin for Netscape and IExplorer. I saw a
    graphic bug in stereo mode, but it definetely has potential. It's supposed to support OpenGL as well, but I
    haven't checked that yet
    3DGallery: demo images and animations, one of the best 3D-demo reels I saw
    VRPic: stereo still image viewer
    Stereoshop: still image editor, merges stereo-pairs into alternate-line, side-by-side or anaglyph format (
    VRStream: this is just an AVI-player which is fixed to 1x window size, so that the structure of alternate-line
    format 3D-AVI's isn't destroyed; the feature which would make an alterante-line video viewer intersting - the
    zoom function - is missing

Hardware Compatibility
Works on any graphics board with standard VGA-15 pin output and on any CRT (tube) monitor.


Software compatibility
The final retail version should support ELSA, ASUS and all other interlace or page-flipping drivers available.
Due to the line-blanker any application or game which support alternate-line format can be used. Check the applications-chart for programs which support 'interlace'-format. Check the games-chart for games marked with 'LB' - for line-blanker.
Another I's can also be used to watch stereo-images with any image viewer or web-browser.

Another I's won't work with current versions of the eyeSCREAM drivers!

Special thanks to Another World Inc. for their support

Please consult the Shutterglasses Comparison Chart for a complete market-overview.

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Christoph Bungert, Germany