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Quick info: The CrystalEyes Wired by StereoGraphics are supposed to be a low-cost alternative to the wireless CrystalEyes CE2 with ENT DIN-3 emitter. The 'Wired' look suspiciously like the discontinued low-cost SimulEyes consumer glasses. Now there's a VESA compliant mini-DIN-3 jack at the end of the wire. Although the glasses come with two rubber nose-pieces to choose from the comfort is far from perfect. The cable is thin and stubborn as those from some other low-cost glasses. The LCD-panels are rather dark and of medium size.

The verdict: The quality of the CrystalEyes Wired isn't satisfying for the professional user who should rather go for the CrystalEyes2 or NuVision 60GX. The high price and the lack of low-cost boards with DIN-3 connector locks the CE-Wired out of the consumer market. The new VESA DIN-3 compliant ELSA Revelator glasses meet and beat the quality and comfort of the 'Wired' in most departments at a fraction of the cost.
What's not taken into consideration here is the amount of support which is granted to professional users by StereoGraphics and its partners. I hope it's good.

This review isn't intended for beginners.  Please consult the Basics and FAQ pages if questions arise.

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A fixed cable with mini-DIN-3 jack and two nose-pieces to choose from, that's about it.

The VESA miniDIN-3 jack of the CE-Wired fits into all stereo-ready graphics boards. Adaptors for other jacks are available.
The glasses are powered by the graphics board via the DIN-3 jack.

Check the StereoGraphics website for a list of CE-Wired compatible hard- and software.

Please check the X-RAY Lab for a weight&size comparison of various shutterglasses.

Please consult the Shutterglasses Comparison Chart for a complete market-overview.

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