For IMAX3D titles visit IMAX. Note that not all IMAX movies are mentioned there, because there are 3rd party production companies (licensees) working with this format too.

Heaven on Earth for all 3D and VR freaks is the FUTUROSCOPE in France. Visit their website. It's a MUST SEE. They got everything: IMAX, IMAX-3D, IMAX Solido, IMAX Magic Carpet, OMNIMAX, VR-machines and more. ALL in one place. All packaged in an incredible architecture. There's a photo on the futoroscope website which shows a whole movie theatre full of people wearing, NO not polarization-glasses, but SHUTTERGLASSES!
To be precise at Futuroscope they seem to use polarization for IMAX3D and shutters for IMAXSolido.

Info on IMAX3D technology can be found at

Several different wireless shutterglasses were used at IMAX3D theatres in the past. One model I saw in a magazine was virtually identical to the StereoGraphics CrystalEyes.


shutterglasses used for IMAX Solido at the Futuroscope

The latest (?) model comes from Sonics, it's basically an audio system :
  The Sonics PSE (personal sound environment), a wireless multi-purpose sound system, used at cinemas, IMAX theatres, museums.

The Sonics PSE (personal sound environment) with optional shutter-unit


70mm 3D 
(used at theme parks)

Supercinema 3D Systems is dedicated to 70mm stereoscopic technology.


35mm 3D
(used at the movie theatre around the corner)

How Polarization turned to Anaglyph - A sad story.

My anaglyph glasses from a screening of  "It came from outer space".

My polarization glasses from a screening of "Metalstorm".

Believe it or not. Those classic 3D movies of the 50's like "Creature" were originally presented in the superior Polarization technique. Polarization is still used in theme parks for flicks like Terminator3D and in IMAX-3D theatres of course.
In 1972 someone did  red/green anaglyph-copies for a reissue of "Creature" and "Space". This was done to save a few bucks and avoid problems with projection systems etc. So in the heads of the younger generation the myth was born that those movies were originally done in anaglyph. I saw "It came from outer space" in anaglyph myself. That was 15 years ago, on the big screen! Terrible!!! Disgusting!!! In 1996 I finally discovered the shocking truth through a letter by Steve Phillips printed in "cinefantastique" (March 96 issue). Well it's not the first time mankind took a step back.

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