How to connect the StereoGraphics EPC2 directly to a DIN-3 (or other) dedicated stereo output
by Emanuel Slaby

The EPC-2, is not only a sync-doubler but also a
"ENT" for L/R signals without syncdoubling.

I made a cable for the EPC-2 DONGLE input to the VESA 3-Pin output.
I tested this with the ELSA Synergy II and Gloria II. These board do not have a
VESA output on board, so I used the "revelator" connector which is a 15-pin-VGA
pass-through with a 3 Pin VESA output.
The SG emitter and CE2 glasses than work with the ELSA revelator driver and
with stereo-ready  openGL-stereo software (tested with SDRC Ideas)

The cable looks like this:

VESA (pinout) DONGLE EPC-2 INPUT (in)
2 (GND) 3 (GND)
3 (L/R) 1 (L/R in)

Drawing of the pinouts can be found at

It also works with a SUN Elite 3d:

1 (GND) 3 (GND)
4 (L/R out) 1 (L/R in)

This should also work with SUN Creator 3D which has the same output.
The SUN pinout can also be found under the above webpage.
I contacted SG and the confirmed that the EPC-2 has this functionality (the L/R

Dipl.-Ing. Emanuel Slaby
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Laboratory Data Processing in Design
University of the Federal Armed Forces, Hamburg
D-22043 Hamburg, Germany