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NRY: Not Released Yet
SIF: Sorry I Forgot (some other manufacturer website I lost track of or which is down now)
  Title Developer/ Publisher  Release Date Announced by Comment
  10th Planet Bethesda NRY, late 97  SIF Hmmm... we'll see.
  Agents of justice Microprose Woobo Development cancelled !!!
  Anartica Gravity ?  SIF  Gravity did some stuff for VIO
  Battle Tech: Honor Bound Microprose   Woobo  Naaaa....
  Big Red Racing Domark (offline?) 96 ?  SIF No Sir, I don't believe it.
  Birth Right SoftDisk never? StereoGraphics In 96 Sierra released a RPG of that name, no word on the SoftDisk pages
  Blood    97 StereoGraphics Same engine as Duke 3D, but the stereo-functions seem to be buggy. 
Bumper Tanks Brightland NRY Brightland Stereo support   confirmed by developer.
The whole project is currently on halt though. 
Burnout (H3D/3Dfx) Bethesda NRY Bethesda senior programmer
  Carmageddon SCI 97  Woobo  
  Confidential Interplay never?  SIF This title is not mentioned on the Interplay pages
  Confirmed Kill ICI never?  SIF This title is not mentioned on the ICI pages
  CyberScuba Gravity ?  SIF  Gravity did some stuff for VIO
John Romero/ Ion Storm NRY, 98 John R. himself,
Quake engine, official support for H3D was planned, but H3D is gone and John has other problems right now.
  Death Drome Viacom   APEC  
  Descent 2 - D3D version Interplay   Woobo  
Descent to Undermountain Interplay  97 APEC,


Based on the Descent engine. According to Interplay there is NO Stereo3D/VR support in the current version and there are NO plans to add this feature in the future.
Descent 3 Interplay/ Parallax/ Outrage NRY, 98  nobody just assumption, because the Descent series stands for VR/stereo support! - this won't help much nowadays though
  Destruction Derby Psygnosis  95/96 ? SIF No Sir, I don't believe it.
  Divide, The Viacom   APEC  
  Dreadnaught Ocean   StereoGraphics  
Duke Nukem 4ever 3DRealms NRY, 99 nobody

3DRealms refused to comment on 3D support.

Assumption, because:
Predecessor had stereo support!
  East Storm Accend Inc. never?  SIF SU-27 simulation. This title was announced in late 95 and never heard of ever since.
  F-22 Lightning II Novalogic 97  SIF No stereo support in the retail v. (Thanks to Gabor Laufer for test.).
  Falcon 4.0 Spectrum Holobyte/Microprose NRY, 97/98  Woobo I doubt it.
  Flight Unlimited Looking Glass never? VRex and others No Sir, Idon't believe it.
  Fortress of Dr. Radiaki Merit Studios early stone age (1994)  SIF Well, I dunno.
  Grand Prix 2 Microprose  96 Woobo I would drop dead if that happens, but it won't happen! Can you imagine Geoff.G. caring about a stereo patch? Ho Ho Ho
  Half Life Valve 98  nobody Quake engine!?!
  Hardwar Gremlin  97 StereoGraphics, APEC
Gremlin did  some stereo stuff before
  Helicops 7th Level 96?  Woobo  Naah...
  Heretic Interplay   Woobo  Nope!
Heretic 2 Raven 98 H3D  
  Hexen 1 Raven/id   Woobo  Don't be ridiculous.
  iF22 ASF Interactive Magic   Woobo how many F22 sims are out there? I  lost track
  Island Peril Atlantean early stone age  SIF Well, I dunno.
  Isle of the Minotaur SoftDisk/Paradigm never?  SIF I'm not shure if this one is still in development. Look for yourself.
  Jedi Knight - Dark Forces 2 Lucas Arts NRY, 97/98 StereoGraphics, APEC, Woobo No stereo yet and I doubt it'll change.
  Jet Fighter III Interplay   APEC  
  Jet Ski Rage Velocity (offline?) never?  SIF Well, I dunno.
  M1A2 Abrams Novalogic    SIF  
  Metal Hive Interplay never?  SIF This title isn't mentioned on the Interplay page. Maybe it was a working title for Shattered Steel???
  Mig Spectrum Holobyte ?  SIF This title isn't mentioned on the Microprose web pages.
NHL 98 Electronic Arts/EASports   97/98 H3D This title has been pushed back, it'll never see the light, the EA developer team moved on to other projects
  Normality Gremlin 95/96 ?  SIF No Sir, I don't believe it.
  Outlaws LucasArts  97 APEC  ouch
  Quarantine 2 Gametek ?  SIF  no way
  Rally Championship Europress Software  96/97 Woobo  
  Redneck Rampage Interplay 97 Woobo  
  Sand Warriors Gremlin 97 StereoGraphics, APEC
 I've got the demo. Nothing!
  Scorched Planet Gremlin  96 Woobo  This is a budget title already
  Screamer 2 (aka Bleifuss 2)    97 Mindflux "I want to believe."
  Shadows of the Empire - Star Wars LucasArts  97 APEC, Woobo  Keep on dreamin
  Shadow Warrior 3D Realms 97 StereoGraphics Same engine as Duke 3D, but the stereo-functions seem to be buggy.
  Sim Copter Maxis 97 StereoGraphics  I've got the demo. Nothing!
  Slamscape Viacom   APEC


  Snow Crash Viacom   APEC  
  Star Fleet Academy Interplay 97 StereoGraphics, 


 Yeah, go ahead, surprise me.
  Star Rangers Interactive Magic   Woobo  
  Star Trek - Generations Microprose  97 Woobo  
  Starting Grid Visiware NRY, 98  SIF  
  Storm Fighter (?) Maddox/Auric Vision  98? StereoGraphics I don't know if this title exists at all or if it was a working title for ZAR or Madspace. Should this title really exist there is a good chance for stereo support.
  SWIV 3D SCI  96/97 Woobo Naaa...
  Tank Commander Domark (offline?) early stone age  SIF Well, I dunno.
  Tempest 2005 Interplay  97? APEC  What?
  Terra Nova Looking Glass never?  SIF No Sir, I don't believe it.
  Test Drive Electronic Arts/Accolade pfffft  SIF I don't even know what Test Drive they're talking about. TD 1? TD 2? TD 3? TD 4? I don't believe it anyway, but the EA-H3D relationship may change that.
  The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall Bethesda a long time ago  SIF No Sir, I don't believe it.
  Tie Fighter vs. X-Wing LucasArts  97 APEC


 Ahhhh.... shut  up!
  Tomb Raider Core Design/Eidos  96 Woobo "I want to believe."
Triple Play '99
Electronic Arts/EASports  98 H3D  
  Twisted Metal Singletrac    SIF I ain't know nothing.
Ultima IX - Ascension
Origin / Electronic Arts   H3D  
Unreal EPIC   Not officially announced, but H3D regards this title as very important and is in contact with the developers.  Game over!
US Navy Fighters '97
Electronic Arts/Jane's 97 H3D  1997 ??? - History!!!
  Vette: San Francisco Thrills 3D Microprose   Woobo  
  VR Baseball Interplay   StereoGraphics, 


  VR Golf Interplay   APEC  
  VR Soccer Interplay   StereoGraphics  
  Warbirds ICI 96 ?  SIF No word on stereo support in the giant WB-FAQ.
  Wings of Glory Origin 94/95 ?  SIF There was a patch on the CyberMaxx page. Maybe this was headtracking only, but the title was announced by someone as stereo.


Here's my personal wish list as of August 98:

1. Need for Speed series
2. Tomb Raider series 
3. Road Rash series
4. Sentinel Returns
5. Sim City 3000 (impossible - I know)
6. Screamer (aka Bleifuss) series
7. Moto Racer series
8. Thief/The Dark Project (from the SShock guys!)
9. System Shock (hi-res)

Well, Wicked3D helped a lot here <G>! (January '99)


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