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The German Stereo3D Market

Last update: July 6, 2001

This is a list of things I found in the catalogs of german distributors. This doesn't implicate a recommendation for anything of this stuff. You may consider importing hardware from somewhere else. Sometimes it's cheaper to import from another continent than to buy from an overpriced shop in germany.

FS5 MindProjects (site seems to be outdated)
Another World 3DIST (Another I's, AnotherEyes2000, Another I's TV (Jan 2001)
ASUS Insight
ELSA Revelator Insight (IR: DM 120,- - July. 2001)
SMM (Cable: DM 49 - July 2001)
Alternate (Cable: DM 29,- IR: DM 49,-) - type in search term ELSA or Relevator (they misspelled it)
Snogard (Cable: DM 29,90  IR: DM 49,90) - click on AGP-gfx-boards - 32 MB 
Aral Shop
i-Art Eye3D MMS Computer (all i-Art glasses available)
Insight - DM 169 (July 2001)
i-glasses MindProjects (site seems to be outdated)
3DIST (also spare parts)
VFX1 sold out ?
VR-Joy BSI Online Store
Ideatech IT-338 Planet-Computer, Hanau; Tel.: 06181/256507 (Oct, 98)



Stereo3D Software (3/98)

US$ 1 = DM 1.65 (Nov. 1998)