Stereoscopic 3D Games



Look for your system in the chart below and memorize the abbreviation (Abkürzung), then move on to the hot-game-chart - Have fun!

Abbreviations, Device Overview
ANA Anaglyph for red/blue cardboard glasses
CMX Cybermaxx and other HMDs which support line sequential stereo format only
DIN3 Glasses for stereo ready graphics boards and workstations with VESA3 compliant miniDIN-3 stereo connector, like StereoGraphics CrystalEyes or NuVision 60GX-DIN3 version
H3D H3D line code support for H3D Eyewear
HMD VR-helmets: i-glasses, VFX-1 and others HMDs which support line and field sequential stereo format 
use line/field-sequential switch to set mode 
page-flipping driver like LCD-BIOS or NuvFrag might be neccessary in some cases
LB autosync VGA-pass-through plus switchable "Line-Blanking" device: EyeFX, VR-Joy
MAX 3D-MAX, (Russian Shield) using 3D-BIOS and MAX3D
PAR parallel port controller: 3D-SPEX, Chinon Cybershades, (3DTV), homebrew contr.   using LCD-BIOS or NUVFRAG
SD sync-doubler: Stereographics CrystalEyes, Neotek, NuVision 60GX (VGA-pass-through version) and some other professional shutter-systems, homebrew sync-doubler; 
such controllers sync to interlace and page-flipping as well!
SER serial port controller: Woobo Cyberboy, APEC Virtual Visor, homebrew contr. using LCD-BIOS or MPM3DB
VGA autosync VGA-pass-through controller: i-Art VirtualEyes, APEC VR97, (Cyberstuff Cyber3DVisor), homebrew VGA-PT,
VRS VRex VRSurfer Classic Pack
WLC White Line Code support for Stereographics SimulEyes, miro 3D-fanatix
The Canopus Total 3D seems to be comparable to VGA, but doesn't work in some instances. 
The Cyberstuff Cyber3DVisor is an "interlace based" system and should have a standard VGA controller.
SimulEyes and 3D-Fanatix doesn't work without WLC
H3D doesn't work without H3D-code.

Controller type

VGA-card compatibility
compatible to any graphics-card 
compatible to almost any VGA-card under DOS, no support for VGA-boards which doesn't support page-flipping or interlace, Windows-desktop support is either chipset specific or not available
MAX chipset specific under DOS & Win, DOESN'T support Matrox boards or any 3D-accelerators, except S3Virge
VRS chipset specific under DOS & Win for most modes, chipset must be capable of interlace for all Win and most DOS-titles

Available Native Stereo-3D-Titles
Glide (3Dfx) Andretti Racing (H3D-patch)
Nuclear Strike (H3D-patch)
miniOpenGL (3Dfx, Rendition, maybe others) Quake1 (H3D-patch) 
Quake2 (H3D-patch)
Sin (H3D-patch)
Speedy3D (Rendition) Quake1 (H3D-patch) 
Whiplash (Canopus-bundle) 
Descent2 (Canopus-bundle) ???
RRedline (Rendition) MDK (Canopus-bundle or retail + RR-patch)
CGI nothing
RenderWare nothing
PowerSGL (PowerVR) nothing yet
Microsoft Direct3D (various) nothing yet

Wicked3D 3Dfx boards and drivers support almost all Direct3D, miniOpenGL and Win-Glide titles on the driver level.

Patch Copyright Issues

The Magic Carpet1, Hi-Octane, Nascar Racing and Terminal Velocity patches contain no copyright information. They were never officially released, they just "leaked out" somehow. The MC, HO and NR patches appeared on the UDAC homepage for a very very short time - days? hours? - and were retreated. I grabbed and saved them for future generations to come <g>. I'm not shure about MC and HO, but I think that was the only time the Nascar patch leaked out from an official source. I guess the patches were done by the original game developers and the copyright belongs to the official game distributors. Since the retail versions of the games are required and the distributors never complained I assume it is save, but not entirely legal, to spread those patches. Since the people who answer the mail at the distributors don't know what we stereo-freaks are talking about it doesn't even make sense to ask for permission. I know Don Sawdai and some others tried it - to no avail.

The patches can be found in the Hot-Games Chart.

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