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Madspace is a first person action game in the Doom tradition. The quality of the 3D-engine is somewhere slightly above Duke3D. System Shock comes to mind here.  Tetratel offers a custom packaged version for their EyeFX glasses which should be identical to the full retail version.
The name Madspace comes about since the laws of physics are often defied in this program. Maybe you know the kind of cartoon-joke where a dog enters his little dog-shack and inside we see a giant dog-palace with entrance hall, fireplace and the doors to the 40+ bath-rooms and kitchens. That's the kind of weird space stuff with which Madspace tries to spice-up the aging genre.

Madspace 3D-engine scene
Stereo3D support
What sets Madspace appart from all previous stereo3D enabled games are the Stereo3D videos and animations. Intro-video, cut-scenes and pre-rendered interactive scenes are all done in Stereo3D!
The first stage of the game is pre-rendered, but still interactive in "Rebel Assault"-style. You hurl around a giant space station, fighting off gazillions of enemies. Surprisingly this scenes are also done in Stereo3D !!! After docking on the space station the Duke-style 3D-engine is used. Maybe there are more pre-rendered interactive scenes later in the game, but I only saw the first two stages, due to personal time restrictions.
All pre-renderes scenes are available in page-flipping Stereo3D format only, while the 3D-engine levels are available in page-flipping and interlace/line-sequential format. According to Tetratel the pre-rendered scenes may appear somewhat buggy in Stereo3D-mode on many systems. I can't confirm this. Everything seemed to work fine on my Matrox Mystique board.
The Tetratel edition features native support for Tetratel EyeFX, StereoGraphics SimulEyes, i-glasses, VFX-1 and Kasan 3D-Max.
This covers other devices like CyberMaxx, Russian Shield 3D Stereo Set, VR-Joy and most other VGA-dongle shutterglasses, except the H3D of course.
The 3D-Max mode behaves somewhat strange on certain graphics cards though.
Resolution & Refresh Rate
While Madspace offers VESA resolutions of up to 800x600 in mono, the stereoscopic mode is limited to low-res standard VGA. This is a pitty since current hardware is more than able to handle hi-res VESA resolutions in stereo 3D. Another drawback of standard VGA is the loss of control over the refresh rate. While VESA and Windows modes can be controlled using utilities like Scitech Display Doctor the standard VGA-modes are stuck at around 70 Hz on most graphics cards.
I talked to Tetratel about the resolution issues. Let's hope there will be some changes soon.


As far as I know there is currently no 3D-accelerated version of Madspace.
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