Magic Carpet 2

(Syntax: netherw -vio [baud] [com]  |  netherw -vfx1  |  Stereo Toggle: S )
According to older sources this program has Anaglyph 3D only. Now I finally bought it. To be precise, I bought the european EA-Classics re-release version. I don't know if there are differences to earlier versions or to the US-version. In the version I got there is NO Anaglyph mode, but there are  i-glasses and  VFX-1 STEREO modes, headtracking included. The i-glasses stereo mode shows the usual alternate line image. VRSurfer works too. I couldn't get it to run with either 3D-SPEX or 3D-Max yet. It seems the pattern can't be converted correctly for those glasses.  I apologize for any misinformation on my pages regarding this title. For over a year I listed this title as "Anaglyph only". Nobody complained. Please tell me if there are any different versions. New info: The stereo toggle doesn't seem to work in VFX1-mode.