Dec. 14, 1999:  More Tetratel News

Tetratel EyeFX 3-D Decoder (universal D3D-Stereo-Driver)

Tetratel jumps on the game-driver bandwagon, a vital step in todays 3D-market.

The driver supports Direct3D titles and uses 'Line-Blanking' mode.

"Settings for each game played are recorded to the windows registry.
Adjustments can be made to improve the effect within the game via the
keyboard. Z Depth, Separation, Distance and Center can be adjusted and
saved for the next play."

Tetratel 3D DVD player

"Tetratel recently entered into a joint venture to built the wireless 3D
stereoscopic support into the Eagle - "Web Flyer" Internet appliance. The
Web Flyer "STB" has a DVD player and with another development Tetratel
remastered John Williamson's "Out The Window" onto DVD. The results are
incredible 3D in high resolution. Companies in the 3D Industry can contact
Tetratel if they wish to discuss the MPEG settings required to retain
stereoscopic 3D for their own DVD titles."