Feb. 12, 2000: Space Shuttle Endeavour just turned into giant 3D-Stereoscope!

Yesterday Space Shuttle Endeavour brought one of the biggest Stereoscopes of all time into orbit. It's basically a Stereo3D-radar system with a 60 meter stereo-base. The idea is to get an ultra-high-res stereo topographic image of the earth surface.

The data will revolutionize our knowledge of earth topology and will lead to much better navigation and communication in the near future - and it will bring lots of new stuff for 3DEM and your glasses :-).

The radar was developed by Daimler-Benz Aerospace, Germany and is operated by german astronaut Gerhard Thiele. This stereo-stuff must be a german-thing afterall <g>.

Click here for the official NASA SRTM page