Feb. 23, 2000: Generic ELSA Revelator driver for non-ELSA GeForce boards released +++ supports D3D on GeForce +++ supports D3D & OpenGL on TNT/TNT2/M64 +++ supports D3D in a window +++ Download_Driver +++ Download_Viewer_(required) +++ First Impressions

You must install the Driver and the Revelator-3D-Viewer. The viewer isn't required for gaming, but the installation of the viewer triggers the Revelator-panel in the windows display setup.

The new generic driver also comes with a utility to switch between the original graphics driver and the ELSA-driver. This is important to use special functions of the board, like video-out, which may not work with the generic driver. The switch requires a reboot however.

According to the readme-file, the driver doesn't support T&L in stereo3D-mode.

I tried the new driver on the ASUS V6600 Deluxe (GeForce) board with ASUS-glasses. It works, although Stereo-orientation control is tricky with the ASUS glasses! To get the stereo-orientation right you must hit the Revelator on/off-hotkey (Numpad-'-') several times until you catch the right frame.

I don't know however if the original (!) Revelator-glasses would work on the ASUS V6600 board. Ealier ASUS boards missed the required voltage pin on the VGA-out to support the Revelator.

There are still slight slipups in the page-flipping at least on my test-system (ASUS P2B, 450Mhz).

When it comes to sheer Stereo-quality, ease of use and ergonomy the Revelator driver still RULEZ!
No 3D-configuration hassles, just start a game and off you go with optimal stereo-effect and low eye-strain. Just Eyecandy!

ELSA should finally put a DIN-3 connector on their consumer boards and bundle them with the glasses. The driver should look for the DIN-3 connector and disable the dreadful Interrupt-eating DDC-control on the VGA-port if the dedicated glasses connector is present.