March 03, 2000: BARCO continues to offer low-ghosting CRT-projectors for shutterglasses. No plans for 3D on DLP at BARCO and DAVIS.

The CeBIT was completely dominated by LCD, DLP and D-ILA projectors. I saw no CRT-projector. Currently CRT-projection is the only way to achieve stereoscopic 3D with a single projector (apart from the special VRex projectors) . One of my favorite ideas is to use a retrofitted single DLP projector plus shutterglasses to achieve excellent, ghost-free 3D.

In order to do so the DLP projector would have to accept refresh rates of 100 Hz and more and the image on the screen would have to be in sync with the VGA-signal.

I talked to BARCO and Davis about the issue, but there are no plans for 3D, although BARCO continues to support shutterglasses with their special fast-phospor CRT-model(s).

One of the more sophisticated DAVIS DLP-projectors, the DL X10, offers support for 100 Hz refresh. Since DAVIS has an office in Frankfurt, they offered me to possibly test it there. Let's see if I can get this test done, but my hypothesis is that it won't work due to sync-problems.