Brightland Corporation
San Diego, CA
September 1, 2000
Major Breakthrough in Stereoscopic 3D
AkumiraTM brings a major breakthrough in stereoscopic 3D technology to the world. It is now possible to comfortably view full color stereoscopic images on the internet using low-cost red/cyan anaglyph glasses. Previous attempts at color anaglyphs resulted in extreme eyestrain, reduced color, and retinal rivalry. The typical work-around was to create images using limited colors and to carefully pick the subject matter. AkumiraTM provides maximum color with maximum viewing comfort using any colors and any subject matter. The stereo3D quality meets or exceeds shutter glasses, with zero flicker and little or no ghosting. Images can be viewed in relatively bright rooms with excellent quality and comfort. AkumiraTM works with any video card, on any display, including LCD flat panels, and can even be printed and viewed in stereoscopic 3D. In addition to real-time 3D, full color 3D photographs and movies can be converted with AkumiraTM and displayed on the internet. Now anyone with a pair of low-cost anaglyph glasses can view ultra-high quality stereoscopic 3D on any PC.