Stereoscope Applet Version 2.0 is available!

Stereoscope Applet is the most popular web-based solution to show stereo
pairs. Today more than 30 sites are using Stereoscope Applet, showing
more than 1700 stereo pairs.
The advantage of Stereoscope Applet is that you only have to prepare a
JPS file or two separate left/right images and the applet does the rest
(calculation of anaglyphs, interlaced, above-below and so on...) The
visitors of the website need no installation. Stereoscope Applet is
working immediately with a Java-enabled browser!
So all webmasters who want to present stereo pairs should give
Stereoscope Applet a try. To update to the new version you only have to
replace the file stereoscope.jar with the recent version.
And the best thing is, that Stereoscope Applet is Freeware.

Some of the new features:
     * Slide show feature with image loading in background (preview option)
     * Support for mirrored viewing
     * Support for fullscreen viewing
     * Option to swap left/right images
     * Support for page-flipping shutter glasses when Java2, Java3D
OpenGL and a stereo compatible OpenGL graphics board is installed (look
for the "Stereoscopic OpenGL and NVIDIA 3D cards guide" on to get it work!)
     * Restructured menu (removed useless anaglyphs...)
     * Popup menu added (right mouse click)
     * Click on preview image keeps old stereo window (new window with
     * New language: Afrikaans
     * New language: Japanese

In the near future there will also be a standalone version of
Stereoscope Applet to be run on your home PC!

All about Stereoscope Applet:

An example gallery using Stereoscope Applet:

Andreas Petersik