FTP File Upload Instructions:
You may submit files via anonymous FTP to ftp://stereo3d.com/incoming/

The files uploaded to /incoming are only readable by the webmaster (Christoph Bungert) and the webhosting provider. The file names are visible to all though. The provider checks the FTP directories regularly and kicks ass in case pirated stuff shows up there - so please just don't...

Please include copyright information and instructions such as: "spread it all over the world" or "for your eyes only-don't give it away to anyone".

Don't upload files which are already present on a fast server somewhere. If you found something interesting on the net send me an email stating the link.

You may submit your own 3D-Images for exhibition at the Gallery. They should not be present somewhere else on the net already. Credits and  links will be included so all the honor will be yours.