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VFX3D by IISVR is a Virtual Reality-Helmet/Head Mounted Display with integrated stereoscopic LCD-monitors, stereo-headphones and headtracking

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Pro Con
+ easy installation
+ long, single cable allows stand-up operation
+ somewhat more immersive than shutterglasses
+ works on any VGA-source
+ accept almost any VGA-signal up to 1600x1200 (monoscopic)
+ stereo capable VGA-input
+ stereo capable NTSC-S-Video-input
+ good stereo effect (with native stereo sources)
+ good optics system with distant focus (11ft. - relaxing for the eyes)
+ no stereo-ghosting
+ eyeglasses friendly
+ no calibration of optical system required
+ good headtracker
+ no calibration for tracker required (but possible)
+ high quality headphones
+ Realimation stereo- and tracking-plug-in
+ headtracking-SDK for Win 9x/ME available
+ headtracking for programs not included in the launcher now configurable by user  (Launcher v2.x)
+ stereo-support for most D3D-games, even if not listed in Launcher
+ Windows ME compatible


- too heavy
- weak immersion (only 35° field of view)
- poor image quality due to bad video signal processing (may have improved in newer units!)
- displays feeded by s-video signal, not the original VGA-signal
- flicker
- color bleeding
- low resolution (263x480 per eye)
- most text is unreadable
- stereo mode cuts resolution in half (263x240 per eye) 
- no stereo support for input signals above 640x480
- no PAL-video support (external converter available)
- only one stereo-format supported on VGA-input: progressive scan alternate line
- no page-flipping or above-below stereo-format support
- a small stripe on the bottom of the image is missing in stereo mode
- noise in the headphones
- control buttons hard to reach 
- D3D stereo driver (wrapper) v1.65 could be better: similar to 1st generation Wicked and ASUS drivers
- D3D driver (wrapper) v1.65 seems to fail on many VGA-graphics-cards/drivers 
- no OpenGL support yet (?)
- 3D Studio Max plug-in not available yet (?)
- driver support for Win NT/2000 not available yet (?)
- US$1800 plus extras




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