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Quick info: The VRStandard VRJoy2000 is a wired 3D-shutterglasses systems. The controller doesn't seem to have changed much compared to the classic VRJoy which isn't a backdraw at all. The autosync-capability and full-manual control gives the system compatibility to most game drivers. The line-blanker allows viewing of line-sequential (interlace) 3D-images and animations on any VGA-board under any operating system. The glasses have improved from the classic VRJoy. They're now lighter and allow several adjustments.

The only thing missing is a sync-doubler device which is required for above-below-split-screen format 3D-software. If you're mainly interested in 3D-images and the latest full-res game drivers you won't miss it much.

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Pro Con

+ light and comfortable 
+ large panels
+ good optic quality (with visor removed)
+ fits over any prescribed glasses
+ adjustable temples
+ adjustable eye <-> glasses distance


+ autosync for page-flipping and interlace
+ line-blanker for alternate-line format
+ draws power from PS2 keyboard connector
+ no batteries, power adaptor or VGA-power required
+ supports non-Windows operating systems (for native 3D-software)
+ compatible to VRCaddyMe, Revelator and ASUS drivers
+ full manual control (buttons for stereo-mode and stereo-reverse) 
+ 2 standard 3.5 mm stereo connectors
+ supports high resolutions and refresh rates
+ VGA-pass-through with low impact on signal quality 

software package:

+ VRCaddyMe universal game driver full version with vast VGA-board compatibility
+ S.I.C. Stereoscopic Image Converter, allows to manually add depth layers to 2D images, requires time and experience to achieve good results 
+ optional game package (up to 3 full versions)


- very thin cable
- dark visor has bad optical quality (this isn't a real backdraw, since it's removable)
- the glasses frame should be a bit larger


- no sync-doubling
- not compatible to Wicked3D driver and other above-below-format stereo software
- sync could be a little bit more accurate sometimes
- doesn't work without PS/2 keyboard port
- power drain from keyboard connector may cause problems on some mainboards in very rare cases
- no VESA-DIN-3 connectors
- no IR-emitter


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The glasses with the visor removed. They have a rather thin cable with standard 3.5 mm stereo jack. The temples and the eye <-> glasses distance can be adjusted.
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The removable visor makes the system look cooler and may boost sales, which is nice for the distributor. The optical quality is very bad though. It distorts everything you see. This isn't a problem at all - just remove the thing.
In theory the dark color helps fight perceivable flicker, but it's a far better choice to raise the refresh rate instead.
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eye <-> glasses distance adjustment, position 1 for wearing with prescribed glasses, position 2 for wearing without prescr. glasses
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adjustable temples
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Controller: page-flipping, interlace and line-blanker functionality;
buttons for power, stereo-mode and stereo-reverse, Power-LED, 2 standard 3.5 mm stereo jacks for wired glasses, VGA-pass-through dongle, power supply via PS/2 keyboard pass-through
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(picture by VRStandard)

PS/2 keyboard pass-through for power supply
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