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Z.A.R. is a first person action game. It mixes elements of Doom-type titles with MechWarrior elements in a Magic Carpet-like environment. Tetratel bundles it's EyeFX glasses with a custom packaged version of Z.A.R. which should be identical to the full retail version.
Stereo3D support
The Tetratel edition features native support for Tetratel EyeFX, StereoGraphics SimulEyes, i-glasses, VFX-1, Russian Shield 3D Stereo Set.
This covers other devices like Kasan 3D-Max, CyberMaxx, VR-Joy and most other VGA-dongle shutterglasses, except the H3D of course.
  The stereo3D enabled standard VGA version of Z.A.R.
Resolution & Refresh Rate
While Z.A.R. offers VESA resolutions of up to 800x600 in mono, the stereoscopic mode is limited to low-res standard VGA. This is a pitty since current hardware is more than able to handle hi-res VESA resolutions in stereo 3D. Another drawback of standard VGA is the loss of control over the refresh rate. While VESA and Windows modes can be controlled using utilities like Scitech Display Doctor the standard VGA-modes are stuck at around 70 Hz on most graphics cards. Using the page-flipping SimulEyes mode I got a much better picture quality and a slightly higher refresh rate - 80 Hz - than using the native EyeFX mode. The drawback of the SimulEyes mode which uses internal LCD-BIOS software-page-flipping routines is the possibility of stereo-reverse slipups. In case the stereo-orientation is instable and there are jumps in the page-flipping it's better to use the EyeFX mode which is rock-stable.
The 3D-accelerated, but monoscopic version of Z.A.R.
There are 3D-accelration patches - D3D and GL - for the network-demo of Z.A.R., but I haven't seen any for the full-retail/Tetratel version yet. Z.A.R. looks terrific on an accelerator, like 3Dfx, but I'm certain that stereoscopic 3D is currently unsupported here. Since the EyeFX, the VR-Joy and H3D work without 3D-drivers, it would be possible to enable the 3D-accelerated version of Z.A.R. for these devices without many hassles.
Maybe the accelerated version looks good in driver-level stereo3D on a Wicked3D board.

I talked to Tetratel about the resolution and 3D-acceleration issues. Let's hope there will be some changes soon.

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