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Quick Info:3DTV Corporation's mail-order service covers the whole world of Stereoscopic3D from software to hardware, from TV to PC, from photography to projection, from CD-ROM to VHS-tape. They offer products from their own production as well as 3rd party items under the original brand name or under the 3DTV brand name. 3DTV gave me the opportunity to review some of their stuff.
Please note that most of these items are on the market for years now.
New, up-to-date products are in the pipeline and will be covered on this website as soon as they become available.

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Basic 3DTV consumer packages: 3D-Theatre, 3D-Magic, PC 3-D TV


Model 'PCP' parallel port controller
Model '2001' TV/video controller
Model 'Universal Stereo Driver' TV/Video and PC controller
Model '3000' TV/Video and PC VGA-pt controller
TV/Video IR-transmitter/controller
Universal IR-transmitter- recommended as an add-on for 3rd party controllers


Stereo Visor/3D-Max wireless glasses
IR Pro wireless glasses- recommended


3D-Magic Vol.2 video tape
3D-Magic CD-ROM


A word on TV/Video shutterglasses controllers

The samples included 4 different shutterglasses controllers for TV/video alone. I'd like to remind you that there are no compatibility issues for TV/video controllers opposed to the dreadful situation in computer applications. All TV/video shutterglasses controllers I ever tested did their job well. No problems. No specific recommendations. All 3D-video-tapes, including the ones recorded with Nu-View work with any TV-shutterglasses controller on any TV-system, i.e. NTSC, PAL, Secam, etc.

The basic 3DTV consumer 3D packages come in 3 flavors. 3D-THEATRE for TV/Video, 3-D MAGIC for the PC and PC 3-D TV which is a combination of both.

My PC 3-D TV package for evaluation contained the following items:

3DTV MODEL PCP for the PC parallel port
IR transmitter
Stereo Visor 3DTV wireless glasses (3D-Max wireless type)
110 to 12V power adaptor by Panasonic
Cinch to Cinch cable
Scart to Cinch cable
Cinch gender changer
Parallel port pass-through cable

3D-Magic Vol.2 VHS video tape in PAL (NTSC also available)
3D-Magic CD-ROM

3D-ROM docu
3D-ROM hardware & software installation guide
Warranty card
Movie list
Professional products brochure
PC 3D TV Universal Stereo Driver docu
2 latest info-flyers

Stereoscopic Imaging Technology by Michael Starks, 98 pages, photo-copied

The 3D-camera depicted in the image above wasn't provided.

The actual content of the package may change over time. There should also be the option to choose between wired and wireless glasses.
3DTV offers a gazillion of other products apart from these packages.

(actual content may be subject to changes, ask 3DTV for available options)

parallel port controller of the 3-D Magic and PC 3-D TV packages uses the same coding as other parallel systems like 3D-SPEX and Cybershades. As such LCD-BIOS, as well as WinSPEX will work. Opposed to the other systems the adapter is powered by the parallel port rather than by an external power adaptor, making it my favorite parallel system.

I was delighted to find a parallel-pass-through cable for the glasses-controller in the box. Unfortunately my printer - HP Laserjet 4p - behaved erratically after installation of the cable, even if the glasses controller was inactive.

supports all TV/Video applications in any TV-system. Computer applications are not supported.
The box has two 3.5 mm jacks for wired glasses or the the universal IR transmitter and a power LED, but no reverse switch.

For european users a Scart-to-Cinch cable is provided by 3DTV. It also powers the IR-transmitter/glasses-controller if the correct pin in the VCR or TV scart connection is powered. I tried the 4 different scart-plugs of my TV and VCR. Only 1 out of 4 provided the power. In the other cases the external power adapter has to be used.

supports TV/Video as well as computer applications.
The box has two 3.5 mm jacks for wired glasses or the the universal IR transmitter and a power LED, but no reverse switch.
The computer-input gets it's sync from pin-4 of the parallel port. A serial cable is also available. It should behave exactly like other parallel or serial systems, such as 3D-SPEX, Cybershades, Cyberboy and so on. The pin-4 cable wasn't included in the box of samples.  The VGA to cinch cable doesn't seem to work, since the signaling is much different.

supports TV/Video as well as computer applications. Combined with the VGA-pass-through cable it syncs to any VGA-signal. As such it behaves exactly like the famous homebrew VGA-pass-through controller or the i-Art Virtual Eyes controller. NO other functions such as line-blanking or sync-doubling included!
The box has two 3.5 mm jacks for wired glasses or the the universal IR transmitter, a power LED and a reverse switch.

The provided VGA-pass-through to Cinch cable makes the 3DVT model 3000 a PC-compatible system.

with Cinch jack connects directly to the VCR. No additional controller required for 3D-video, but it also connects to any controller with compatible Cinch-out, like the 3DTV models. The IR code works at least for 3DTV StereoVisor-, 3D-Max-wireless-, 3DTV IR Pro- and i-Art Virtual Eyes-Glasses. It does not work for H3D- and VRex VRSurfer-Glasses.

with 3.5 mm stereo jack turns virtually any wired shutterglasses system into a wireless one. The IR code works at least for 3DTV StereoVisor-, 3D-Max-wireless-, 3DTV IR Pro- and i-Art Virtual Eyes-Glasses. It does not work for H3D- and VRex VRSurfer-Glasses. Makes a good companion for your homebrew controller also!
 Recommended !!!

is identical to the 3D-Max wireless glasses. Removing the 3DTV sticker reveals the 3D-Max logo.
This baby has large LCD-panels, a reverse button on the right side and offers above average comfort. It has problems too. There's a dreadful filter on the front which can fortunately be removed. What really bugs me are the timing problems which lead to red/purple color distortions in the lower 1/4 th of the screen. This happened under any conditions with both the universal and the TV IR controller on the TV-screen and on the computer-monitor in all modes. I don't know if this is a general problem or a problem with my sample. There may be a fix, but I don't have the time to experiment around forever.

wireless glasses.
Large LCD-panels, acceptable comfort, good quality, no timing problems, no reverse button.
They fit over prescribed glasses. If you have a very large head like me there could be some unpleasent presure behind the ears, but who has a head as large as mine anyway? I prefer them over 3D-Max-wireless, H3D and VRSurfer. They can't beat the i-Art wireless glasses though.
It listens to IR-signals from the 3DTV transmitters and presumably the i-Art transmitter.
Check the X-Ray page for more details.

The packaging of the 3-D Magic CD-ROM.  Click to enlarge!
Check back to this page again later for more details.

The packaging of the 3-D Magic video tape. Click to enlarge!
Check back to this page again later for more details.

Special thanks to 3DTV Corp. for providing me with free samples.


Please consult the Shutterglasses Comparison Chart for a complete market-overview.

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