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Soft4D 3Dplus video software

Quick info: The  SSC 3Dplus and the i-Art Eye3D-Force are wired 3D-shutterglasses systems. The hardware of both systems seems to be 100% identical. The difference between the two products lies in the software packages - at least currently.
SSC 3Dplus comes with a realtime 2D-to-3D conversion video player for VideoCD's and other MPEG1 sources by Soft4D.
It's not a secret that I'm sceptical about 2D-to-3D transfer in general. More on that later.
The i-Art Eye3D-Force package comes with a Showcase CD containing tools, demos and a Studio-Max plug-in.

Both glasses come with the Wicked3D eyeSCREAM2000 game driver for Win9x. Since they support page-flipping, interlace and sync-doubling, therefore they are also compatible with ASUS,  ELSA and VRCaddyMe game drivers.
The controller and glasses are excellent. If there only was a line-blanker device to add addtional compatibility it would make a perfect wired system.

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WINx3D - universal glasses driver
ELSA Revelator game driver
ASUS game driver
VRCaddy game driver

H3D-Activator download
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The SSC 3Dplus packaging
(the headband is missing in this image, but it's in the box)

The i-Art Eye3D-Force packaging
(software and manual are missing in this image, but they're part of the package)

Advantage and Disadvantages


SSC 3Dplus / i-Art Eye3D-Force
Pro Con

+ light and comfortable 
+ large panels
+ good optic quality
+ fits over any prescribed glasses
+ optional headband


+ autosync for page-flipping and interlace
+ sync-doubler for split-screen 3D-format
+ draws power from USB-port (no USB-driver required)
+ no batteries, power adaptor or VGA-power required
+ supports non-Windows operating systems (for native 3D-software)
+ compatible to Wicked3D, Revelator, ASUS and  to VRCaddyMe drivers
+ full manual control (buttons for stereo-mode and stereo-reverse) 
+ automatic control possible (supports  H3D/eyeSCREAM and i-Art/SSC color codes)
+ 2 standard 3.5 mm stereo connectors
+ accurate synchronization
+ supports high resolutions and refresh rates
+ VGA-pass-through has only low impact on signal quality 

advantages over predecessor Eye3D-PCI:

+ no waste of a PCI-slot
+ easier to install
+ full manual control by buttons
+ control-LED

3Dplus software package:

+ Wicked3D eyeSCREAM universal game driver
+ 3Dplus by Soft4D - 2D to 3D VideoCD/MPEG1 player

Eye3D-Force software package:

+ Wicked3D eyeSCREAM universal game driver
+ 3D Showcase CD with demos and utils


- without the headband glasses may tend to slip down the nose a bit


- no line-blanking
- shuts down on every gfx-mode change and has to be reinitialized by button or color code 
- doesn't work without USB port
- no VESA-DIN-3 connectors
- no IR-emitter for wireless glasses

Some of the most comfortable glasses on the market. They fit perfectly over prescribed glasses.

Wire with 3.5 mm stereo jack

Adjustable headband

Controller: page-flipping, interlace and sync-doubler functionality;
buttons for stereo-mode and stereo-reverse, control-LED,
2 standard 3.5 mm connectors
(picture by i-Art)

Connection scheme
(picture by i-Art)

3Dplus by Soft4D

realtime 2D-to-3D mpeg1 video conversion for shutterglasses


click here for full review

3dplus video converter
system requirements

Windows 98, ME, 2000
Pentium 3 with 550 MHz
128 MB RAM
VGA-board with Direct Draw support

3Dplus uses an over-under, split-screen format in full-screen mode (800x600@16bit Direct Draw) and requires shutterglasses with sync-doubling controller.

A DVD/MPEG2 version of 3Dplus is announced for later this year (2001), but will require tremendous CPU-horsepower. Look what they need for MPEG1 already.


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