Press release: Cybertronics Signs Deal with I-O Display Systems

Cybertronics Inc, a hardware development and marketing company based in
Phoenix, AZ has just finalized a deal with Silicon Valley development
house I-O Display systems to use their Sync Doubler and Wicked3d software
to power the company's new line of VR Glasses, CyberVisor X.

The CyberVisor X, a shutter glass technology which supports the majority
of new 3d cards and direct3d, opengl and glide games will allow gamers to
experience 3d on their PC. To ink the deal, Cybertronics also purchased
Wicked3d's remaining inventory of the popular H3D Wireless Shutter glasses
and will be selling them on the website for $89.

The CyberVisor X will be priced at $69.96 and will be bundled with either
Rage Off Road Rally and Rage Rally in the UK or a title to be announced from
Cybertronics bundling partner in the US, Interplay OEM.

Shawn Walters