Another I's (TV) 3D-video-glasses
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page introduced on Feb. 15, 2001
last update Feb. 24, 2001

The purpose of a TV-3D-shutterglasses system like the Another I's (TV) is the playback of genuine 3D-video-tapes.

The glasses

The infrared controlled wireless glasses are identical to those of the Another I's (PC) version. The controller is different, but all advantages and disadvantages of the actual glasses apply to the TV-version as well.
The design of the glasses is cool. The comfort is average. The optics quality is rather bad due to a shiny plastic visor which sits in front of the actual LCD-panels. This can be salvaged by removing the visor though.
Another I's TV controller  power, video-in, video-out


The controller -  updated

Not long ago I strongly believed every TV/video-shutterglasses controller would support any TV-system, including NTSC and PAL. For most systems this is true. The Another I's (TV) controller is an exception. My sample works in NTSC (60 Hz) only. (By the way, the H3D video system has the same problem.) This is unusual, since multi-system support is easy to achieve.

European online shop 3dist offers a version of the AI (TV) which works in PAL, PAL-60 and most likely in NTSC too.


The controller/IR-emitter has a RCA (cinch) video input and output. The connection goes like this: VHS-VCR --> 3D-controller --> TV-set. European users will need a Cinch to Scart adaptor for their TV-set, NTSC equipment and a 220V power adaptor.

Software support - video tape only

Another I's (TV) basically works like every video-shutterglasses controller on the market. Unlike in the PC-world there are no compatibility issues or rivaling technologies in the video sector. There are no drivers. 3D-video requires genuine 3D-movies though.

Currently pre-recorded 3D-video for shutterglasses is only available on VHS-tapes. There are no DVD's or VCD's.

Check my movie-page for a list of 3D-VHS tapes for shutterglasses! There are no 3D DVD's, LD's or VideoCD's available - at least not for in the shutterglasses format!

You may also produce your own 3D-home-videos using a 3D-adaptor for your camcorder. This will work for all video systems (VHS, S-VHS, V8, Hi8, D8, DV, miniDV). If your camcorder has a 'progressive scan' option you have to deactivate it.

There are 3D-video-shutterglasses available which have digital circuitry to fake a pseudo-3D-effect for regular TV, video and DVD. I don't recommend such stuff. The Another I's (TV) won't do this anyway. They're designed for true-3D only.

General advantages and disadvantages of TV-3D-shutterglasses
Advantages Disadvantages
- real 3D
- natural, undistorted colors
- no PC required
- no driver required
- easy setup
- TV screen larger than PC screen
- 3D for the whole family
- heavy flicker (50 or 60 Hz)
- only half-resolution per eye
- little software support
- 100/120 Hz digital TV-sets don't work
- Plasma, LCD, DLP based screens and projectors don't work


Sample provided by
Another World

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