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Experimental Shutterglasses

VRG Ferro-Electric Shutter-Glasses (Faster than Liquid Crystal!)

VRG Pi-Cell Shutter-Glasses (BTW there's already a consumer product using Pi-Cells: 3DSPEX.)

Exotic Shutterglasses

Scan by Ryko Prins

STrange piece of plastic from the past - the StereoTek AtariST Shutterglasses

Scan by Ryko Prins

Yes, that's a shutterglasses controller - for the AtariST expansion port. It has a 3.5 mm stereo jack on the other side.

MB VECTREX Glasses. As far as I know the glasses were at production stage already. When presented on a trade fair the customer reaction was bad.  I guess the glasses produced lots of flicker and ghosting on this kind of screen. Ghostimages are especially irritating in Vector graphics. Never hit the market I think. The Vectrex was a stand alone video game console in the 80's. It had a monochrome Vector-CRT (like the Asteroids Arcade machine). What's a vector monitor? Well, it doesn't write lines to the screen like a TV, it writes the objects directly. There are no pixels. It's like todays Laser-Shows where they draw simple objects with light. The Vectrex was available here in Europe. I played it in toy stores in Germany and France. I liked it, but was to expensive for me back then (DM 500,-).
Now there's an emulator and all the cardridges available on the net at Dave's Classics (incredible website!!!).


Mirage 3D Shutterglasses I found them on a site in Taiwan. I wish to thank Steve Wei of New3D who translated the page for me. Steve and New3D are in no way connected to the Mirage manufacturer.  Please read his comment. (Quite interesting what's going on in Taiwan.) The glasses itself are quite common, what they are used for is... well... unbelievable: adult material decoding... huhh?

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